Game Day is near and YOU Deserve a Better Dip!

by Rod Hightower

Happy Buffalo Premium Spiced Chicken Dip believes that YOU Deserve a Better Dip!  (and so do your family and friends!)  So we are making an offer that will make you look like the Host with the Most delicious and interesting snack food your guests have never tasted before! 

It's bold, spicy, yet comfortable, creamy deliciousness with tons of all-natural flavor! 

Imagine...a chicken dip described with words normally reserved for fine cabernet and small-batch bourbon.  Notes of aged peppers, marinated smoked chicken & aged cheddars converge on the palate revealing themselves at different times, with a finish that makes you say to yourself ...Ohhh man!  Wow!  What just happened? 

This is when you tell your Host with the Most, "I must have your recipe of that fabulous chicken dip!"  Then, you should expect to hear these words "not a chance sweetheart!"

If you thought you liked Buffalo Chicken dip, you will be forever changed after tasting Happy Buffalo.  There is not a drop of "Buffalo sauce" in our Premium Spiced Chicken dip, which is proudly Handcrafted right here in Saint Louis.

Think we are exaggerating?  See for yourself at and enter promo code YOU DESERVE A BETTER DIP for free home delivery of our 4-Pack Party Pack  directly to your Saint Louis doorstep.